Resume - Robert Helmer

Phone: 415-686-8543

Professional Experience
Firefox Architect - Mozilla Corporation

Duration: 06/2015 to present, Full-time

Responsible for the Add-ons/Extensions Manager in Firefox

Joined Firefox TAG (Technical Architecture Group), advised on the future of Firefox front-end.

  • Contributed to and advised the WebExtensions implementation.
  • Fixed bugs and added features to built-in Firefox add-ons manager, did regular triage of the open bugs, and conducted code reviews for both staff and volunteers
  • Helped move built-in Firefox features (Hello, Pocket) to extensions (aka add-ons)
  • Drove improvements to the overall Firefox release process (client and server architecture and implementation)

Currently a peer on Firefox, Toolkit, Testing Infrastructure - owner on Socorro and MoPad/Etherpad modules per the Mozilla module system.

Senior Web Developer - Mozilla Corporation

Duration: 09/2010 to 06/2015, Full-time

Returned to Mozilla to work on big data problems around crash collection/reporting and performance test results.

  • Served as technical lead on high-volume crash collecting and reporting system (Socorro, aka, built with Python, PostgreSQL, S3, RabbitMQ and Elastic Search
  • Led rewrite and migration of Socorro front-end from PHP to Mozilla's standard Django-based framework Playdoh (later moved away from Playdoh to more vanilla Django)
  • Created Eddy project for on-demand testing of FirefoxOS third-party apps, using Python, Flask, Celery and RabbitMQ
  • Developed features and fixed bugs on Mozilla Etherpad install
  • Contributed directly to upstream Etherpad project, on JS rewrite (formerly known as Etherpad Lite)
  • Worked with open-source community to integrate contributions, support external installs, and make the testing, documentation and installation process better
  • Reimplemented front-end of performance graph system Perf-o-Matic, aka (demo video)
  • Fixed lots of bugs

VP of Technology - CustomWeather

Duration: 06/2008 to 09/2010, Full-time, 24x7 oncall

  • Managed projects and worked directly with customers to deploy custom solutions
  • Moved colocated infrastructure to hybrid cloud/colo/remote
  • Built AWS-powered distributed map tile service for weather mapping project (also worked on frontend, supported Bing and Google Maps/Earth)
  • Added features and fixed bugs in Java/J2EE Tomcat real-time weather service
  • Developed reporting system using jQuery, flot, and PostgreSQL
  • Deploy fully redundant remote datacenter
  • Drove releases, automated release process
  • Developed unit and functional tests in Python and Java
  • Tracked and improved site performance and uptime

  • Consulting and full-time work (systems administration, programming, devops) for companies such as Dollartee, CustomWeather, Skeva Systems, Kaiser and Vectiv
  • Bench test, tech/customer support for companies such as Talking Technologies Inc and Sony
  • Fundraising and sales
Major contributions to Open Source Software
Programming Languages
Python, Javascript (ES6) (frontend and backend with Node.js), Java (J2ME/J2EE), Shell (bourne/bash/c), C, C++, Perl, PHP, Go, Rust
Domain Expertise
Weather systems and forecasting, physical geography
Geospatial / Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Real Estate