moving 1.8 nightlies to release machines March 5 2008

As previously announced on Tinderbox and planet, we're migrating nightly production to running on the same machines as release production.

On the moz1.8 branch, we've been running the new nightlies in parallel with the "traditional" nightlies since Feb 15 2008, and are going to switchover live tomorrow.

The new machines:

* production-pacifica-vm

* production-prometheus-vm

* bm-xserve05

The old machines:

* pacifica-vm

* prometheus-vm

* bm-xserve02

Starting tomorrow, the performance machines will begin following the new machines. The new machines will publish updates and nightly builds to the usual location, and the old machines will be disabled (but kept around for a while, just in case).

If there is a reason that we should not proceed, or if you see any problems after the migration, please update bug 417147 or email